Chasing the sun

Hot diggety donuts, I am SO excited! Because today is Easter Thursday, which is not a thing, except it is now, because I just MADE it a thing, because tomorrow is Easter Friday, and then two days later is Easter Sunday, and then after that comes Easter Monday, and what I'm really saying is that I HAVE A FOUR-DAY WEEKEND AND YAY!!!

And tomorrow I get to wake up long before the sun rises, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and I am going to chase the sunshine all the way to a place that has a lot of it: Malta! Go South, my friends, and seek out some sun!

I don't know quite what the next four days will hold, but anytime travel awaits, my energy level shoots right up. And the promise of a little sun certainly doesn't hurt. My first real winter in six years (after nearly five years in California, plus one winter in Singapore) hasn't actually been too bad, but well, one does get spoiled.

So bye-bye for a few days, London! When I get back, you'll have moved on to daylight savings time, which means even you, my dreary British home, will have just a little more light to shine down brightly upon us.

And with that, I'm off to do some packing. Sundress, sunglasses, and sunscreen, coming up!