This is the best year of my life

I've just finished re-reading Shelley Wilson's How I Changed My Life In A Year! and it's reminded me of why I started blogging in the first place (and yoga, and meditation, and writing more, and eating better, and counting my steps, and blablabla).

I first read the book in late 2015. The title pretty much says it all: 'One woman's mission to lose weight, get fit, beat her demons, and find twelve easy steps!' It's short, at only 158 pages, and largely drawn from the author's own blog on her 2013 new year's resolutions (Resolution Challenge).

On the surface, there are few similarities between Shelley WIlson and myself. She's a divorced mom of three teenagers, while I currently am holding steady at zero children. She's also been a holistic healer who teaches on vision boards, meditation, and now writes young adult fiction. She's probably more "hippie-ish" than I am (I will not, for example, be building a fairy garden like hers). During her one-year resolution challenge, she tried new things, got out more, and challenged herself in new ways. She learned to knit, she stopped wearing black for a week, she took up Wii fitness. She signed up for Weight Watchers and ziplined and drove her kids all over the UK.

And...there's just something about that that inspires me. Not because I'm in any way interested in learning to knit, nor in replicating her exact challenges, but because it's so easy to be stagnant and not challenge ourselves at all. It's SO easy. And before you know it, another year has passed, and you won't remember it for anything in particular, and nothing has really changed.

 But 2013 wasn't for Shelley. And 2016 won't be for me. This is the best year of my life.