A day of freedom

It's Tuesday. It's not a holiday. And I am NOT at work!

I feel like I should add a "mwahahahahaha!" to the end of that first line. Because how awesome is it that everyone ELSE is at work, and I'm able to run around and play and skip and DO FUN THINGS?!?!

Things like: Look up what the very first picture on Google Images is when you type in the word "fun."

It's Spongebob Squarepants.

Or other things like: go for a long run in the beautiful Spring sunshine (Spring has officially sprung!), huff my way all the way up Primrose Hill, then scamper back down thinking to myself: "wheeeeeeeeee!" Done.

Make myself banana pancakes. Done.

Watch an awesome TED Talk by my new official crush, Tim Urban. Done.

Daydream. Done and ongoing!

I do have an appointment to get to this afternoon, but more importantly, I just wanted a day off. Sometimes I think we can all do with a little break, not because there's anywhere to be or anything in particular to do, but just because Hell, not EVERY Tuesday can or should be about work. We only have a set number of Tuesdays. Occasionally it's nice to have a memorable one.