Irish hotties

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

I decided to celebrate by... sitting on my sofa. Alone. Stone-cold sober. Without a stitch of green clothing on me.

I can hear you thinking: "But you're normally so festive!" And, lest I let down my three or four regular readers, I decided to Irish it up a bit by taking...


But not just any quiz, mind you. Hollywood Life's "Which Irish Hottie Is Right For You?" quiz, because talk about a question that needs answering!

Question 1: What's an instant turn-on for you?

No question. Singing is nice. A healthy, fit body is an absolute plus. Impeccable manners are great and all.

But he's got to be up for an adventure. I want someone who can climb a mountain, spontaneously book a trip to parts unknown, sample exotic foods, and, frankly, someone who can keep up with ME! 



Question 2: Which is your ideal date destination?

This one is a little bit tougher, though only to a certain extent.

Trendy dance club can go right out the window because I'm more of a morning person, and while I like an occasional party, I'm more into good conversation and exotic locations.

Which also rules out the rock concert, much as I love a good jam.

It's a tighter call between a romantic beach and a rooftop bar with a view, but I have to give it to the bar in the end because I looooove good views. There are so many different kinds of them, and frankly, I don't even need a date to enjoy a good one! Can I compromise by saying a rooftop bar with a view OF a romantic beach??


Question 3: What would you most likely eat on a date?

Well, steak and fries aren't likely, since I don't eat meat. Next!

"Just drinks" is fine and all, but a girl's gotta eat.

I do love pizza, but hey, this is a DATE, right? Let's up the stakes a little and go for something a little fancier, like sushi!



Question 4: Which Disney hunk are you most attracted to?

Oh, this one is eeeeeeeasy. Have you SEEN Flynn Rider? From TangledI mean, seriously?!? He smolders on screen. He's sarcastic, brash, brave, and once lost a swordfight to a horse (and technically, he was fighting with a frying pan rather than a sword, so...panfight?)

Forget Irish hotties. Which quiz will match me up with HIM?!



Question 5: Pick a Bradley Cooper!

I mean, he's not Irish, but ok. (Wikipedia does inform me that his father was of Irish descent, so I'll allow it.)

Hmmm. Well, he looks pretty good in all those pictures! But on balance, I think I'll take "sexy and strong" Bradley Cooper. Sorry, three other Bradley Coopers!



And now for the big reveal....

Really? Jamie Dornan? The 50 Shades of Grey guy? 

Huh. I mean, sure, he's good-looking. But I'm not exactly feeling sparks. Plus, he's married.

Should I take the quiz again?