The Immigrants lost

Tonight I participated in that most English of traditions: the Tuesday night pub quiz. My good friend Ritesh, aka "Sandpaper," was kind enough to join me. Our team name? The Immigrants. Yes, when you pair an Indian with a Swiss-American in a competition where there are sure to be a great number of UK-centric questions, you chance losing.

And nevertheless, we embraced participation with aplomb! Relish! Sangfroid!

Spoiler alert: We lost.

In fact, we came in 5th out of 6 teams.

(Though, put differently, we were the 4th runner-ups.)

However, I'll caveat that by saying that as a two-person team, we were at a distinct disadvantage. And we still had some pretty good responses!

  • "They fought like 700" was the tagline for.... The Magnificent Seven. Nailed it!
  • Liechtenstein's currency is... The Swiss Franc. In your FACE!
  • 10th Century Danish king Harald Blatand inspired the name of which telecommunication capability? ...Bluetooth. Read it and WEEP!

We were totally lost on other questions.

  • "The underground station closest to Arsenal stadium?" Pffff. (Even after they gave us the answer at the end, I still couldn't tell you.)
  • "Who appears on the 'Your Country Wants You' poster from WWI?" Not a clue. (It's Lord Kitchener, whom I'd never heard of.)
  • "Which British singer, born in 1983, recently made headlines for his face tattoo?" Ok, so I actually almost guessed right on this one, before we questioned our decision. (It's Zayn Malik, formerly of One Direction.)

I also almost missed the answer to "The U.S. equivalent of 'postcode,'" due to brain freeze, which would have been particularly embarrassing. (It's 'zip code,' in case you're freezing too.)

So, no £50 free bar tab for us tonight. Alas.

But I love trivia, and I love pubs, and I love Ritesh, so maybe I'll drag him back over on a future Tuesday.

After all, now we're warmed up.

Bring it on, Britain.