Colours and pumpkins and Yoko Ono

The bus stop in front of my building has a new advertisement today.

I was intrigued as I approached it, coming home from a (if I do say so myself) well-deserved round of drinks with a colleague.

At first I thought it was Psy, the South Korean "Gangnam Style" rapper, with giant oranges floating around his head.

Then as I drew closer, I thought it might be Yoko Ono, still with giant oranges floating around her head.

When I was finally standing squarely in front of it, I determined it was neither. It's a non-famous woman (I think) lying down in a pumpkin patch, photographed on an iPhone 6S by that most elusive of photographers, Timothy M.

So, first of all, I want to apologize to the model, whoever she is, for thinking she was: 

a) A slightly-paunchy male rapper; and

b) An 83-year-old woman.

Up close, it is clear she is neither.

Second, I want to have a little moment of gratitude for the brightness of the colors that met me outside my front door. Coming home from a rather gray day, this was just the little breath of fresh air I needed.