About last night...

So the reason I find myself posting once again at just a few minutes before midnight is not EXACTLY my fault tonight. 

If anything, it's the fault of my MBA program, INSEAD, which had to go and organize a London reunion last night. Which dozens of not-even-living-in-London people showed up for, bringing our total count up to about 95 classmates, from all over the world. Many of whom I hadn't seen in the 2+ years since we graduated.

Which meant an amazing dinner at Beach Blanket Babylon in Shoreditch last night, followed by a brunch today, and finally a house party. We danced to 2013 songs, we sang, we hugged, we partied, and it was just amazing.

Sometimes I question myself on whether an MBA was worth it. The answer - for me - is unequivocally yes. Not because INSEAD was recently ranked the #1 program in the world, or because it allowed me the opportunity to live in new places and travel to even more. It's the people. It's the heart. It's the soul. It's dancing until the wee hours when you're really a morning person, and reminiscing about experiences you'll never forget, and laughing and smiling at alumni speeches that emphasize the importance of LIFE. Not just work. Not how much money we're making or what others are thinking about us. Not the bottom line of a balance sheet. Just life and being ourselves.

So much has happened since December 2013. Some of us have gotten married, or had children. We've almost all either switched jobs or moved to new countries. We're all still friends. This weekend brought that all back.

Feeling grateful.