Hello Friday, my old friend

There's just something about a Friday night, isn't there?

The excitement, the relief, the feeling of possibility and opportunity just waiting for you to seize them and make the most of the next two days! To include, possibly, doing absolutely nothing.

I felt it as I was walking home from work, and could see it in other people's faces as well:

No waking up early tomorrow. No work. No conference calls. Just brunches and spa days and decadence, oh my!

It's entirely possible that was all in my head. I have, of course, no idea whatsoever what these other people may be up to over the weekend. They're not necessarily looking forward to a fun Friday finish (and more to come on their Saturday and Sunday), like I am. They may be working retail jobs or restaurant jobs or other weekend-required jobs. They may have horrible errands to run, or general annoyances to take care of.

I hope not, for their sake. I wish everyone could feel as I do right now.


Happy Friday!!!