Bibs can be sexy too

I belong to a very special - and exclusive - club in London: The Ramen Appreciation Society.

There are about ten of us in total. We meet semi-regularly, though it must be said we don't always actually meet over ramen. When all of us can actually make it, we're too big a group to get seated in any of our favorite ramen restaurants, most of which don't take reservations. Yes, in the grand fashion of fads, ramen appreciation has taken over London. I like to think we launched that trend.

Meetings are generally somewhat impromptu. "Let's meet for ramen!" one of us will suggest enthusiastically (usually accompanied by a smiling emoji). 

And then, inevitably, we'll end up going for Vietnamese. Sushi. Korean. Pho. 

Tonight, though, there were only four of us. Tonight, we NAILED IT.

My lovely friends Véronique, Linda, Francisca and I met at Bone Daddies in Soho. My ordering job was easy, there being only one meatless option on the menu: Mushrooms, thyme, garlic, egg, and spring onions in a mushroom broth. Oh, but it was rich.

"The louder you slurp, the better," Véro assured me confidently (Véro knows). And slurp I did. 

Bone Daddies has a dress code: along with the cups full of chopsticks and napkins waiting at your table, there are bibs. Yes, bibs. Bibs that make you and your friends look like you're wearing extremely unflattering garbage bags.

But think about it: when is wearing a bib not fun? (Ok, I'm sure there's an answer to that question that I don't actually want to hear.) But personally, I love it! If I'm wearing a bib, then surely I'm in for some fun. As evidenced by the fact that I completely forgot to take it off, even after I'd finished my ramen and the waiter had collected my bowl, and everyone else at the table had taken theirs off.

I like to think I made it look good.