Hope springs eternal

On my walk home tonight, I passed in front of a building I've passed a gazillion times before without paying any attention to it. Lost in my thriller audiobook, I almost did the same thing today. But then I looked up and noticed the front window.

A colorful display, with one word in the center: HOPE.

I LOVE little hidden messages that appear before us sometimes as they do, and it's crazy I hadn't noticed this one before. Hope is one of my favorite words! Hope is what makes us see stars in the darkness, it's what makes us give something one more try where we've always come up short before, it's what tomorrow brings, it's what turns "no" into "maybe," what makes us choose to DANCE instead of sitting it out!

(Thus ushering in one of the few country songs I can listen to on repeat. That, and Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.)

So what do I hope for? 

I hope to find my life's purpose. And everything that that entails. And so, I'll keep looking. And hoping.

Turns out the building is the headquarters of the Environmental Justice Foundation, which works internationally to protect the environment and defend human rights. I've just signed up on their website to join their volunteer network. Maybe someday soon I can help with providing a little hope to others.

I hope so, anyway.