Yoga Camp is at an end...

This morning I completed 30 Days of Yoga Camp by Yoga with Adriene. Huzzah!

I wrote about my Day One at the beginning of the year, and obviously it took me a little longer than 30 days to complete the Camp, due to pesky injury-ousness. But after a few weeks off, on January 22nd, I started all over again. And 30 days later, here I am! Huzzah encore!

There have been some fabulous mantras throughout the month. I Create. I Am Present. I Am Focused. I Am Grateful. I Celebrate. The one that resonated with me most of all was Day 20: I Am Worthy. As someone who tends to be very hard on herself, that one was hard to say out loud: "I am worthy." Of self-love, of respect, of compassion, of a life full of meaning. I am DAMN worthy of all of those things. No more than anyone else, but no less either.

These daily yoga experiences - along with my other daily practices of blogging, meditating, and writing 10 ideas - have already made a big difference in my life since the beginning of 2016. The yoga in particular has helped not only with my uber-slow physical recovery, but also helped me consider thoughts and feelings of self-worth that I tend to push away. It's been both humbling and enriching.

And now that it's over? Well, the great thing about yoga is that it's always a practice. No matter what your level, there's always so much more to work on and learn. Come tomorrow morning, I'll hop back on the mat for a new adventure. In the meantime, thank you, Adriene, and jai namaste!