Just keep swimming.

The past few nights I have really struggled with topics to write about. The muse has gone missing, if you will. 

And it's hard. It's hard to write a blog that doesn't have any sort of following, or even a totally-defined purpose yet. It's hard to put in that time every single day, when inspiration just won't strike and nothing in particular - good or bad - happened that day. 

But gosh darn it, here I am. Keeping at it. 

I read a short article the other day by Cammi Phan, a digital marketer and blogger, called "You Will Always Suck At What You Do, Until You Do This."

Your first 100 blog posts will mostly suck. [...] Nobody can pick up a pen, then write and win a Pulitzer Prize right away. [...] The truth is no matter how smart you are. WE ALL SUCK IN THE BEGINNING. Most people give up right away. A few people stick around until they get it right. We suck and it is fine. Because it is just the beginning.

Now, I am not trying to win a Pulitzer Prize. I mean, I'm not saying I would turn one down exactly, but that's hardly a goal. But it is entirely comforting, I feel, to think that it does not matter in the slightest if tonight's blog post is any good. Nor if anyone else ever even reads it. If I just keep plugging away, something will take shape, and even if it never quite comes together in the way I expected, I've still created something in the meantime.

Sometimes, we need to just keep swimming...until we get to where we were supposed to, all along.