Walk this way

I took a different route to work this morning. I'm among the 10% or so of Londoners who are lucky enough to walk to their place of employment, and since getting here nearly seven months ago, I've always taken exactly the same path. 

And after all, why wouldn't I? It's the shortest route, only taking me about 22 minutes.

But today, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, I didn't need to be in to the office that early...and so I thought, time for a change!

I felt like such a rebel, turning right when I exited my building. This was a whole new world opening up to me, just steps from my front door! Not five minutes away is a grassy, fenced-in square I'd never circled before. A tree was beautifully in bloom. There were pretty London row houses, and brand new shops I'd never new existed. Including one with the coolest name I've ever heard: Timorous Beasties.

I pressed my nose against the window, but couldn't discern what it was they might sell. "Open only by appointment," a sign on the door cryptically stated. Google informs me it's a fabric store, recently featured in both Elle Decoration and Homes & Garden magazines.

I have to get in to Timorous Beasties.

I want a custom-made armchair, just so I can casually tell people, "Oh, that? It's Timorous Beasties."

Everything went right this morning as I meandered down these new streets. The weather was beautiful. People were smiling. A nice old lady wished me a cheerful "Good morning!" as we crossed paths. It took me a little longer to get to where I was going, but isn't that what makes life interesting sometimes?

I think so.