Pass me a spoon

Whenever I've had a particularly long day, perhaps a Manic Monday full of frustrations (like today), whenever I get home and long for a soothing hug from my coat rack, whenever taking a deep cleansing breath just won't quite cut it because I'm too wrapped up in wanting to rock gently back and forth in front of a Harry Potter movie...there is fortunately one go-to that never fails me:


Specifically, smushed cupcakes, eaten straight out of the box with a spoon. No plate is necessary. Plates are for dainty people with dainty china accessories who daintily remove their cupcake wrappings before, daintily, nibbling away. Tonight, I was not dainty.

Making an emergency stop at Hummingbird Bakery on my way home (a stone's throw from my house, by the way, which is simultaneously a blessing and a curse), I pondered my two usual top choices: Salted Caramel and Oreo Cookies 'n Cream. Tonight, there was only one left of each. I took that as a sign.

"I'll take them both," I announced decisively, throwing caution, cash, and calories to the wind.

I then went home, put on some Agnes Obel, grabbed a spoon, and dived right in.

'Cause sometimes, cupcakes just get me.