35 again! (this time in German)

I'm back in Hamburg for the weekend, this time to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday.

Because he's a few weeks younger than I am, that means we get to celebrate the big 3-5 again! (Side note: Does this make me a cougar?)

My original idea had been to bake him a birthday cake, but because he's just moved into a new flat and literally doesn't even have a working oven yet, that would have proved awfully difficult (perhaps I could bake it by ... blowing on it?)

So I hit the streets! I found a nearby bakery called "Magic Cupcakes & More," which sounded both promising and made me wonder whether some sort of "special" ingredient might be in the cupcakes to make them so-called "magical." Is this like when you bake "special" brownies? Well, I guess we'll find out!

I also went on a bit of a quest for tea lights, wanting to spell out "35" on the floor for when he walks in (please don't let me burn the building down, please don't let me burn the building down). This was easier said than done, particularly as I'm not remotely fluent in German. I can understand it reasonably well, but speaking is a whole other matter. My conversations typically go a bit like this:

Shop employee: "Hello, can I help you find anything today?"
Me: "Hello. Yes. Um. I am looking. For... Yes. Hmm. Candle? Kerze? I think? Small. Small candles. Do you know?"
Shop employee: "Oh, sorry. We actually don't carry tea lights."
Me: "Ah. That is a shame. But that is not a problem. Many thanks. Thank you. Good bye." 

After checking no fewer than half a dozen lovely home goods stores, I did eventually find some in a cheaptastic supermarket, leading me to do a little dance in the aisles - and also to pick up a liter of Glühwein for €2.49. Because I am nothing if not fancy when celebrating other people's birthdays. 

He's going to be home in a few minutes, so I better run. 

I've got 35 candles to light.