Back to the airport

I'm about to head back to Heathrow for my fourth flight in four days, and it's occurred to me that my suitcase is getting rather a good workout this week! 

It's back to Hamburg tonight, with a nice long weekend to look forward to, celebrating my boyfriend's birthday. You know that feeling when you give someone a gift and in your head you're thinking, ohpleaselikeitpleaselikeitpleaselikeit? This is going to be my opportunity to see if it works! 

Beyond that, much as I don't like going through security, queuing to board, etc., there's always a little thrill for me to be taking another trip, and I do think airports can be rather fun. Just this week: Three days ago, I stuffed myself with another German bretzel in Hamburg. Two days ago, I made an early-morning killing at a Heathrow Zara at around 7am (tax free, thankyouverymuch!). Yesterday, I purchased a duty-free bottle of Luxembourgish sparkling rosé (...who knew?).

(Side note: I am inexplicably amused by the fact that spellcheck is flagging "Luxembourgish" as an error.)

I don't think there will be anything too exciting happening tonight at Heathrow before my flight takes off.

But hey, you never know.