Luxembourg rocks

It was the second and final day of my Luxembourg tour today, and what's fantastic about a small country like Luxembourg is that you actually pretty much can tour it in two days.

Now I'm not saying I saw everything the country has to offer - obviously, far from it. But I got all over the place between yesterday and today. Yesterday, I was in the north at a Château in Berg for my first meeting, then I had a second meeting in the heart of Luxembourg City, then I headed to my hotel north of there, and then today I was down south running an all-day workshop for another team.

It felt great to get away from the hustle and bustle of London for a few days and spend just a little bit of time somewhere charmingly different. I mean, yesterday I got to drive through villages! There were big open fields! Covered in frost! As far as the eye could see! (Which, in the case of Luxembourg, is basically straight into Belgium, France, or Germany, depending on which way you're facing!)

So today wasn't anything too special in the sense that basically all I did was (exhaustingly) run a 7-hour training and then head straight to the airport to fly back to London. But there was still a different vibe and a different feeling in the atmosphere, if that makes any sense at all.

So thanks for the breath of fresh air, Luxembourg. You're A-OK in my book.