Once upon a December

It's. Here.

The ultimate day of the year. I really, honestly, cannot. Believe. It.

There's so much to process. We haven't even poured the champagne yet for tonight's Hamburg-based celebration, and I'm already lost in reflection about the 2016 year that's flickering to an end. 

But you know what? I feel like December often gets short shrift when we get to the end of the year. There's a tendency to look at the year as a whole, and since I did after all reflect back at the end of all 11 previous months this year, I think December deserves its due. So today I'm going to write a 'normal' end-of-month post.

Then tomorrow, January 1st, I'm going to write a more introspective look back at my one-year blogging experiment, and maybe touch on a few hopes and dreams for 2017.

And then two days from now, on January 2nd, after 367 straight days ... I'm not going to blog. I feel strange, kind of sad, unbelievably relieved, and even a little tingly just thinking about it.

But for now, enough about that! As promised, I'll turn my thoughts back to December to honor the following Happy Moments:

- 366 straight days of blogging (oh my gosh ... I actually did it)
- 270/366 days of meditation
- I kicked off December with a superbly German advent calendar
- I traveled to Hamburg once ... twice ... three times!
- I skipped over to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for a couple of meetings
- For my very last trip of the year, I explored a little more of northern Germany, with a trip to the island of Sylt
- I fêted a few important people in my life, including my Dad, my Mom, and my boyfriend
- I got a new travel buddy in the form of a shiny red passport
- There were Christmas celebrations galore, including the office holiday party, Christmas Jumper Day, my grandfather's 98th birthday party on December 24th, Christmas itself (duh), a little belated holiday shopping for my nieces, and some good old Christian rock music
- And finally, as we head into the new year, I found inspiration twice over: first, through my inspired Dear Diary; and second, through my friend Yin's beautiful ANDAS candle brand launch

Favorite moment of the month: As always, quite a few to choose from this month. But simply because of where I am in life, and wanting to really absorb some inspiration for the end of the year, I'm going to give it to the ANDAS candle launch. I was just so impressed, and it was great to see "real" people doing "real" things like that.

Quote of the month: "It won't be forever. You'll be in the dark as long as it takes and then you'll come out." ~ Finding Audrey

Goal for next month/year: Well, again, remember that 2017 planner/diary for an inspired year? I want to start making it proud.

And that's it for 2016. An amazing year, topped off by 31 final Happy Moments. Thanks for those, December.

And now, time to pop the champagne!