Sylt, on repeat

Today has been suspiciously similar to yesterday, and wonderfully so.

Specifically: sleeping in after a loooooong and restful night of rest. A lovely buffet breakfast involving fresh smoked salmon, delicious rolls, homemade hot chocolate, and friendly German conversation around the room. A long walk on the beach. A mug of mulled wine. Relaxing back at the hotel in the late afternoon. Followed by a trip to the supermarket for picnic essentials, having decided we prefer our own company (plus a little goat's cheese and strawberries) to any of the fancy restaurants in town.

What's different from yesterday to today? Well, for starters, the weather. Sure, it's still nippy out there, but it was noticeably warmer and much sunnier, especially on the beach, making our walk - and the view! - all the more enjoyable. Also, we added in a little stroll around town first, rounding through the little village of Westerland and posing for selfies with the inexplicable jolly green giant statues in front of the train station.

Plus, you know, a few details here and there. A different bottle of wine for our hotel room picnic. A vastly more delicious mulled wine. (Ok, this isn't all about liquor.) Different conversations and discoveries and mini-adventures.

But ultimately, a lot of the same, which was just what I wanted. Wonderful time away from it all, enjoying and laughing and thinking and playing. Time to hit the pause button, just before it's time to refresh life with a brand new year. Tomorrow we're back to Hamburg and the 'real' world, but for now, let me just enjoy one more night on my favorite German isle.