Initial impressions of Hamburg

Yesterday was my first day in Hamburg (well, in the past 20 years anyway - so let's just call this a fresh start), and it must be said I had an incredibly lazy day, simply enjoying the day off work. I had some food, watched some YouTube videos in bed, and went for a little walk, but without straying too far from my boyfriend's neighborhood and its lovely coffee shops.

But today I get my own private tour of some of the city's highlights, and I'm really looking forward to it! 

So I can't wait to add to my (limited) initial impressions from yesterday, which were along the lines of "Oooh, this is a cute area" or "damn, that's a nice house" or "Hey, mulled wine!"

I have done a little bit of research about Hamburg, so I know that, for example:

1) It is the second-biggest city in Germany (after Berlin) and has the second-biggest port in Europe (after Rotterdam)
2) It has over 2,300 bridges - more than Venice, Amsterdam, and London combined (already crossed a few yesterday! Lovely canals everywhere!)
3) It's the richest city in an already-rich country (I wasn't kidding about the nice houses...)
4) It's basically where the Beatles launched their career.
5)'s where hamburgers are from?

It's gorgeously sunny outside, and we've got big plans involving a ferry and multiple Christmas markets! And of course, I'm working on my German. Which didn't get me that far yesterday, I'll grant you, but today is another day! Let's go - gehen wir jetzt!