Sandi Patty, post-Christmas

The problem with Christmas music is that it really stays with you. Like, forever.

This morning, as my sister Dania was getting ready for work, we were singing exactly one chorus over and over and over together. We were singing the same one last night. And the day before. Even though at this point, it's a full 48 hours after Christmas.

"Come let us worship the kiiiiing!
Jesus the savior is booooooorn!
For the Lord is great, and greatly to be praiiiiiised!
Through alllllll the eaaaarth!
Let us woooooorship the kiiiiiiing!"

When we were growing up, my mom loved playing Christmas music in the house. And way up there on the list of albums she played was Sandi Patty's The Gift Goes On, which of course features - among other great tunes - "Worship the King." The album was released in 1987, and I'm pretty sure my mom must still have the cassette tape somewhere. Neither Dania nor I go to church anymore, so there's perhaps a certain irony in how much this music still has us by its tenterhooks.

But dare I say it? We actually ... enjoy singing it, partly for the irony, I suppose, partly because it's hilarious to try to hit Sandi's high notes (the girl can sing), but mostly for the nostalgia factor. I've tried explaining it to a few friends, and I'm not sure I'm quite getting the message across, but for my sister and me, it takes us right back. It's just part of our Christmas memories, I suppose, along with "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth" and "Oh I 'Yust' Go Nuts At Christmas."

I mean, why do any songs get stuck in our heads? They're just ... catchy, somehow! Even on December 27th! 

So I'm ok with still bursting into Christmas song even now that Santa has come and gone. It's part of the experience of the season for me. To put it in Sandi's own words, "When your heart is full of Christmas, then your life is full of love."

Words to live by, year-round.

Well, or at least for a few more days.