Baby fever (for one night only)

OMG, I have baby fever right now. (Temporarily. I'm sure it will shortly pass.)

My sister and I have just ordered Christmas presents for our two nieces, Ellie and Lucia. 

(And yes, I do realize Christmas was yesterday. There was some confusion about addresses. Also, we may have been a little lazy.)

But anyway, enough about dates! The point is that these presents are cuuuuuuuuute! I mean, Ellie - who just turned two years old - needed a new humidifier, and there is one in the shape of a COW! A cow! I absolutely LOVE cows! It's fabulously cute, it will honor her Swiss heritage, AND... now I want one for myself. Would that be weird?

And Lucia, who's just over three months old, needed a door jumper, and we found one in the shape of a kangaroo with a baby joey in the pouch! Have you ever seen anything more adorable, even without a baby inside of it yet? I feel like I'm oohing and aahing enough that I should probably install a baby jumper inside my own doorway. I could perhaps put a doll inside of it. One of those incredibly lifelike ones that blinks and cries. And then I'd invite people over to look at it with me. Because all of a sudden, these are apparently the types of creepy thoughts I'm having.

So yes, sue me, I've got a spot of baby fever for the night. But it won't last.


But just in case, nobody tell my boyfriend.