Merry Christmas to all...

It was a lovely Christmas 2016. I took not one single picture today, so the memories will probably fade. 

I hope I'll remember making a dessert with my sister, Dania. We briefly considered incredibly time-consuming Christmas cookies, but then settled on mint "Christmas brownies" instead. If Christmas brownies aren't a thing, they should be. We sprayed them with (edible) silver glitter and decorated them with golden stars.

I also hope I'll remember a nice family lunch. The food details don't matter, but there was fresh salmon, blinis, yummy mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, Swiss wine.

I hope I'll remember Christmas carols, both the ones in the background during lunch, and the ones Dania and I sang our little hearts out too earlier.

There's more. A Christmas call to my mom, a quick wave at our grandma and uncle. Giving my Dad German marzipan from my boyfriend, exchanging text messages with friends from all over the world (Kenya! Hawaii! Florence!)

Little moments on another Christmas gone by.

...And to all, a good night.