Cats are so lucky/1980s revisited

That picture is based on a true story. Specifically, my life story, if one were to only consider today.

I got to Geneva late last night, meaning today is the first day of my super-scrumptious holiday break. I did virtually nothing all day long. This was largely due to two reasons, neither of which - surprisingly enough - was straight up laziness (or at least, that's what I'm telling myself):  

1) I've been waiting for this break for a long time, and therefore sort of felt like I deserved a chillaxed day

2) I accidentally stumbled onto an incredibly time-consuming blog called Perfect Strangers Reviewed.

Exactly as the name spells out, it is a blog that reviews(/mocks) every episode of the 1980s sitcom Perfect Strangers. This is a big, big deal for me. Perfect Strangers basically IS my childhood. I've even mentioned it before on the blog, but as a reminder, my U.S.-based grandmother used to videotape episodes of two different shows and mail them to us when we were growing up in Switzerland. One was Full Houseand the other one (and our favorite one) was Perfect Strangers. It's about as 80s as 80s can get, and I'm pretty sure that if I were to show an episode now, in 2016, to someone who'd never seen one before, they'd think I was an idiot: "You actually WATCHED this? And you thought it was FUNNY?"

Except it is! It's hilarious! And I know it so well! So stumbling onto this review blog today was a fairly strong promise that I'd be reading every entry from start to finish. I desperately wish I'd had the idea to write a blog like this first, in fact, though it's likely I wouldn't have done it quite as well as the semi-anonymous author, whose name I can't quite figure out based on his writings.

Anyway, Whatshisface is pretty merciless about how stupid he thinks the show is, which I suppose is fair, but also emphasizes why I could never have written a funny blog making fun of a show I think is just so BRILLIANT.  

But to each his own, and I'm certainly getting a kick out of reading/reliving the episodes. The show is TWENTY YEARS OLD this year. Which means I, too, am no longer all that young. Because I remember all of it. I remember the big hair. The shoulderpads. The leggings paired with high-top sneakers. I was too young for shoulderpads, but oh, did I ever think my leggings looked cool!

We're about to reach the end of another year here, and nostalgia is at its prime in my mind, I suppose. So just for one day, it felt good to look back.

And laugh.