Jump(er)-ing into the holiday season

If I've learned one lesson today, it's to never wait until the day before Christmas Jumper Day in the UK to actually buy a Christmas jumper.

I learned this the hard way by spending the better part of my lunch break fruitlessly searching for said Christmas jumper.

I love Christmas Jumper Day not just because it makes use of the excellent British word "jumper" (Which I clearly love enough to have already used 5 times in the past 3 sentences), but also because it's a fun, silly holiday for a good cause. Basically, all you have to do to participate is:

1) Don a Christmas jumper (x6!) on the day of (December 16th, in this case).
2) Make a quick 'n easy donation to Save the Children (click here to do so!). They suggest £2, though of course the amount is up to you.

I had no trouble whatsoever with the second part. It was the first part that I struggled with. This was largely due to a combination of four factors:

1) Much as I love the word jumper (x7!), I didn't want to pay £45 for something I'd likely wear once.
2) I'm all for cheeky, but I didn't want anything weird or naughty (so, the many, many ones I saw that said, "Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!" simply weren't my bag).
3) I mean, I still kind of wanted to look cute.
4) Most of London's shops are apparently owned and staffed by total grinches, who quite simply don't stock any jumpers (x8!) at all, thus horribly rejecting the holiday spirit.

So after uselessly wandering from store to store for the better part of an hour, turning up absolutely nothing, I finally decided to compromise. I bought a soft cream-and-gray jumper (x9!) with little sparkly bits on it. It's sadly reindeer-free, elf-free, and Santa-free. But you know
what? It's cozy, it twinkles, and I defy anyone to tell me that I don't look festive in it.

Particularly when I top it with a Santa hat.