Working 9(am) to 10(pm)

I've just gotten home from my work team's annual holiday dinner, and while I was introvertedly pretty much the first person to leave the restaurant around 10pm, that's still an awfully long work day for me.

And yet, it occurred to me repeatedly throughout this dinner how extremely lucky and privileged I am in so many ways. Because it has to be said that even though I don't like my job and am itching to explore a much-less-corporate life, my job isn't BAD. I'm surrounded by nice people, several of whom organized a nice dinner tonight for us all to enjoy. There was delicious free food, joking, stories, and sharing. I got to meet and chat with several people who I only sit a few feet away from all day long, and yet have never really spoken to before.

And I liked that. I hope that - once I have left this job behind - moments and dinners like this one will be what define my time at this company in the future. I don't see any reason to hold on to negativity, or to weigh myself down with the "bad stuff" about any job or situation as soon as it's over. In fact, with my previous jobs, I feel like I've been pretty good at letting them go as soon as I'm out. Does that mean I'll never complain about them again? Well, no. I'm not a saint. But it's nice to think that even "bad" things - jobs, moments, days, situation - still have "good" things about them.

I've made friends through this job. Gained experience. Earned money. Moved to London. Even met a guy. Those are all incredible success stories that I feel very grateful for.

And now I have one more dinner to add to the list.