Planning for an inspired 2017

As 2016 nears its close, I've been thinking more and more about 2017 and any changes I want to be making. 2016 has been a great year in so many ways, and I certainly want to celebrate that; but in some ways, it's also sad to note the goals I'd have liked to accomplish and won't.

In the spirit of moving forward and thinking to myself how I'd like to keep "creating" and "logging" in some shape or form once this one-year blogging experiment concludes, I ordered a copy of The Dear Diary, the creators of which describe it as a "lifestyle diary for brave hearts with the courage to chase their dreams." It arrived in the mail last week, and tonight, I cracked it open.

I love the layout of the diary, which basically takes the idea of setting yearly goals across different core categories (like "personal," "work & career," "health & fitness" and "relationships") and breaks them down into monthly goals, weekly action steps, and daily to-dos. I'm hoping I can make this format work for me as I track my progress and try to enact positive changes in my own life.

I think perhaps what I love most about it, though, is the creation of the diary itself. I just love getting inspired by people who create something out of nothing. Like in this case, it's three young women who say they realized their lives weren't exactly what they'd hoped for, and so they went out and freakin' created something to do something about that. They didn't whine or complain (I mean, they may have done that too, I don't know - my point is they still acted on their discontent). They took something that didn't exist and made it so, and shared it with others while they were at it. I don't know yet if it'll work for me exactly, but I love, respect, and feel inspired by that.

Conversely, I rarely feel like a "Creator." I feel like I want to be one, and I do scribble down ideas sometimes, and I do take on projects that feel meaningful to me for some reason (this blog being a prime example), but I still feel I've yet to really make anything that anyone else is likely to care about (beyond, you know, my Mom).

So perhaps that's THE Goal for my 2017 already. Maybe it rolls all of those core categories into one, and involves taking chances and gritting my teeth, and complaining a little less, and risking and failing, and just maybe, creating something beautiful.

Time will tell.