Lazy Sunday

I've got "Lazy Sunday" stuck in my head at the moment for good reason: because today was one of the laziest overall days in recent memory.

Between sleeping in, dragging ourselves in our pyjamas to the bakery to get a few rolls, having a looooong breakfast at home, enjoying an even longer shower, and just sort of ... sitting around, I managed to accomplish pretty much exactly nothing by the time we needed to leave for the airport at 3:45pm, so that I could catch my flight back to London. 

It was AWESOME. I didn't even miss the outdoor world! I mean, I'm not saying I'd want to laze around like this every day or anything, but seriously, sign me up for the occasional lazy Sunday. I had a robe, I had fuzzy pink slippers, I had yummy flavors of tea ... it sort of made me wonder, why do we usually spend SO much time running around DOING stuff? Isn't there tremendous value in occasionally just doing NOTHING? 

(Fine, maybe I'm saying that to boost my own ego and reassure myself that there really wasn't anything significant I needed to be doing today. I'm cool with that.)

But really, shouldn't all of us do absolutely nothing for a full day every once in a while? I mean, if it hadn't been for that pesky flight, I'm pretty sure I'd have been happy to stay in the entire day.

In fact, shouldn't I do absolutely nothing again tomorrow?

Oh wait. Tomorrow's Monday. Scratch that.

But it'll happen again for sure. Someday soon. I'm coming back for you, Lazy Sunday.