First world (suitcase) problems

This is going to sound incredibly spoiled, but I don't know what color suitcase I want.

For my birthday a few weeks ago, my boyfriend said he wanted to buy me a new suitcase by Rimowa, a German brand he loves. And because we don't live in the same city, today was the first day where we had time to go look at them together. Which explains why I spent the better part of an hour this afternoon wheeling various pieces of luggage around the department store floor, casually walking past full-length mirrors trying to catch a glimpse of myself in a "natural" environment, lifting two up at a time, opening them, closing them, spinning them around on four wheels like a top, etc. God, it was fun.

I eventually narrowed it down to two: the ice blue and the matte blue, which are slightly different models. And then I got sort of stuck, with different pros and cons to each.

Like I said, this is the absolute definition of a first world problem. There is no BAD choice here, after all. And if I'm honest, I don't even really need a new suitcase to begin with, though I'm thrilled I'll soon be traveling with a little extra pizzazz. It's all just gravy. And yet, I struggled to decide.

This tends to happen to me quite a lot. Well, not this exactly, since I haven't shopped for luggage in years, but generally speaking, I have soooo much trouble making decisions when I'm shopping (just ask my sister, who is eternally frustrated by this). I'm not sure why decisions tend to be so difficult for me, but there you have it, and I guess we're all different!

Eventually my boyfriend said, "Why don't you sleep on it? There's no rush, after all."

So that's what I'm doing. 

And soon, I'm going to have a new travel buddy.