German advent-ing

When my German boyfriend visited London last month, he brought me a little surprise, which I had to wait until today to open: an advent calendar!

Yay, it's December! The countdown to Christmas has officially begun! So first thing this morning, I excitedly opened up the first little window and devoured the little chocolate log within.

And it wasn't just any chocolate - it was Niederegger Lübeck chocolate-covered marzipan, straight from Germany! (Which explains the "Fröhliche Weihnachten" well wishes on the front of the box!)

Lübeck - a quaint little city about an hour from Hamburg - is the worldwide home of Lübeck marzipan, which is in fact legally designated as a 'Protected Geographical Indication,' similar to Champagne, Cognac, or Gruyère cheese. It's supposed to be a charming city, and I'd love to visit it. Oh, and they use 100% almond paste to make their marzipan, too - no added sugar! Which means it's basically the same as eating a vegetable. (right??)

Also, it turns out advent calendars were actually invented in Germany! According to Wikipedia, it was first used by German Lutherans in the 19th century (oh, those wacky Lutherans). 

Which means this morning I ate a German-invented, German-produced, German-given delicacy. Danke schön indeed!

Oh, and tonight? 

I'm flying to Germany. So there may be more marzipan in my future.

Liebe und Küssen,