Christmas is coming

It's been a long day. I was stuck in an all-day meeting, I'm still coughing up a storm after almost two weeks of illness, and I'm exhausted even before the prospect of staying up super late/waking up super early to watch the U.S. election results.

So sometimes, on a day like this one, it helps to have a little something to look forward to. Which is why today was the perfect day to book my flights home for Christmas. Yes, it's only early November, but this cements future goodness and upcoming fun in STONE! Never mind the hassle of checking different dates and different itineraries (I'll be traveling to both Switzerland and Germany over the holidays, complicating matters somewhat). Never mind the cost of holiday tickets. It's all worth it just to get that little thrill when I see that "your booking is complete" message land in my inbox, so I can start mentally preparing myself for a Santa-like flight through the night before Christmas.

I've got to start shopping! I've got to prepare! I've got to plan! 

But mostly, for right now, I just need to sit back and smile for a little moment that's coming, that I'm excited about, and that reminded me that even bad days aren't all bad. 

Thanks for the reminder, Santa.