Burlesque dancers and beetroot macaroons

If you ever happen to find yourself in London on the first Sunday evening of any given month, might I suggest you get yourself tickets to an evening of cabaret and burlesque at the Savoy hotel? Oh, the fun! The glamour! The cocktails!

My boyfriend and I had such a blast in the intimate setting at the Beaufort Bar. The performers were fabulous: showgirls, a hula hooper whose hoops mysteriously changed color, a straight-up amazing acrobat who held handstands for so long I kept looking for the wires holding him up, and of course, burlesque artistes (which you need to pronounce with a bit of a snooty French accent) waving gorgeous feathers that, let's just say it, I kind of coveted. 

But if I had to pick one standout in particular, it would be the Emcee, Reuben Kaye. Just the right balance of cheeky comedy and naughty innuendo, a flirty Aussie accent, and a singing voice that was legitimately top-notch (get yourself on The Voice, Reuben!!) I was like a squealing fangirl taking a selfie with him after the show.

Oh, and did I mention the swankiness of the Savoy? I mean, this is Britain's original luxury hotel. The cocktails were, of course, divine and had fabulous names of London landmarks. And you see those macaroons in the picture above? Those are no regular macaroons: they're beetroot and goat cheese macaroons and they're pretty much the best thing ever. I take back what I said yesterday about never eating again, because for those beetroot and goat cheese macaroons, I would never stop eating. And I don't even like beetroot!

All in all, it capped off an absolutely lovely weekend, and I'm so happy to have had yet another night to remember. A girl could really get used to this.