Dum sum, party of four

OMG, I have literally never been this full in my entire life.

Oh, the food. I've just gotten home from Yauatcha, a fancy and contemporary dim sum restaurant in the heart of Soho, and I may never eat again. 

It was so good I just couldn't stop! My boyfriend and I met up with my best friend Anna and her boyfriend Chris for a little double date brunch (that turned into a multi-hour saga), and we essentially ordered the entire menu for the table. Including dessert, which was delicious. In fact, dessert was the only thing I even managed to snap a quick picture of before we wolfed it down. You're lucky to have any sort of visual record of all that this meal even happened.

And when I say 'meal,' I mean multiple meals rolled into one. As my boyfriend commented once we'd finally walked out, "Well, that was basically breakfast, lunch, and dinner for today" and he wasn't wrong. I'm having trouble thinking of words to write on the page right now because the only ones coming to mind are "full," and "stuffed," and "urghhhhhh."

My boyfriend seemed to struggle with the term "dim sum," not being familiar with the concept beforehand, and kept insisting on referring it to "dum sum." I latched onto that pretty quickly because I thought it was adorable. Only dum-sum-lovers could possibly eat that much anyway. 

But every once in a while there's a special occasion that calls for a fancy meal and boy did we make the most of it for today. It's been a fantastic weekend with so much to be grateful for, and this meal was the cherry on top.

If I DO ever eat again, this is going to be one tough meal to top.

But knowing me, I'll probably try.