Happy Birthday, Baby Sister

Today is my little sister Dania's 30th birthday, and much like earlier this year on my brother Tiago's birthday, I thought the best way to express myself would be in letter form:

My dearest little Dania,

Happy birthday! I can't wait to hear all about the raucous 'flirty & dirty thirty' party you threw, and I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you.

I'm incredibly proud of the young woman you've become, and the fact that I can even refer to my baby sister as a 'young woman' makes me realize how much time has passed. You're not the little girl who dressed up as a mermaid with me for Halloween anymore. You're not the shy, pigtailed little girl with the lazy eye who I had to share a bunkbed with growing up and who obsessed over American Girl dolls.

The good news is: You're better. You're like a fine wine: you just keep getting better and better with age. And as I've said before, the best kind of little sister I could ever have asked for is the one who sometimes realizes she needs to act like the BIG sister, when I'm the one who needs a little tough love, guidance, or even just a hug. And as much as I've tried to be a good older sister to you, if it weren't for you, I'd basically be a slobbering pile of goo on the floor some days.

So thanks for being my annoying, bratty kid sister. Thanks for forgiving me for stealing your teddy bear and loudly telling you, "you look funny" when you came home wearing glasses for the first time. Thanks for being my best friend and inspiration. I'm super duper proud of you, and you'll always be my favorite sister.

Je t'embrasse, petite soeur,