Staycation in London

Last night I stayed in London ... but not in my own bed.

And before you get all *winkwink, say no more* about it, I was in a corporate hotel about five minutes from the office because of an early meeting this morning. 

Which means ... STAYCATION! This is exciting for two reasons:

1) "Staycation" is an absolutely awesome word, and I just love saying it.

2) It's kind of fun to get a different perspective on the city you live in.

Obviously, I know the area around my office really well already, but it's still a bit different to think about having a five-minute commute the next morning, and taking yourself out to a nice dinner in the area without worrying about how you're going to make your way home later on. 

So last night I went to a Chinese restaurant, with decadent starters, main courses, and of course dessert (banana fritters!), followed by a short stroll back to the hotel and its tiny little corporate-room-in-central-London, where there was barely enough space to turn around, but the bed was soft and the location was great.

And this morning I rolled out of bed and made it to my office desk, a mere five minutes away.

I could get used to that.