Friendsgiving and cranberries

Yesterday evening was so fun - Friendsgiving! It's like Thanksgiving, with added friends!

After mashing up my potatoes, I made my way cross town to my friends' Kika and Rali's lovely flat, and added my potatoes to the mix of food already there. All the traditional fixings were there: a full turkey, stuffing, gravy, sweet potatoes, casserole, and - my personal favorite - cranberries. 

Cranberry filling is one of those things I kind of think just goes with everything. You can spread it on crackers, plop a dollop on top of a pie, or of course, swirl it with mashed potatoes. Soooo yummy!

I hadn't had most of these foods since last Thanksgiving, and I was honestly really touched by the experience. I hope that next year I'll be able to celebrate the holiday in the U.S. with my family again, but in the meantime, this was truly special. It felt, dare I say it, authentic. Which is a weird thing to say when you're in London and you don't even eat turkey.

After dinner, we sat around laughing, sang a spot of karaoke (new Thanksgiving tradition?), and drank some more wine. I didn't get home until the distinctly non-Thanksgiving time of 2:15am. Which meant today I was veeeeery tired.

But that's ok. It was all for a good cause: Good friends and cranberry sauce.