It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I was over by Oxford Circus in central London tonight for an appointment, and, as I crossed the street, my breath caught in my throat.

It's Christmas. Or rather, it's going to be Christmas soon. Because they've put up the gorgeous decorations all down Regent Street, and they're sparkly and twinkly and beautiful! And, like a freaking tourist, I lined up to take a picture of a few of them. I took several pictures, in fact. I experimented with angles and everything. (Though at least it wasn't a selfie.)

And I will say, as much as I don't love the fact that the days keep getting shorter, or that it is getting ever-colder and generally more British outside ... I do love Christmas. I love the gifting, the celebrating, the being-with-family-and-friends, the days off work, the Christmas sweaters, the candy canes.

And if they've put the decorations up, then that means all of those things are on their way. So much to look forward to. Cheerio, London!