Surveying my foggy lands

This morning, my boyfriend and I got a train from Lisbon to the lovely and picturesque little town of Sintra, about 25 kilometres away.

At least, I assume it's picturesque. I couldn't see it through all the fog.

After the gloriousness of gorgeousness that was yesterday's weather (for my birthday, no less - thank you, Lisbon!!), today took a sharp turn south with wind, rain, and just general grayness. The average tourist planning a trip to Sintra today probably took one look out the window and thought to themselves, "Nahhhhh."

But we were not to be similarly deterred, because I am getting OLD now, and you only live once! I wanted to see the Pena Palace! It's supposed to be the most colorful and amazing palace from the Romantic era!

Which ... again, we had to use our imaginations a little again in the fog.

But we were there, and it was special, and hey, we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. Allowing us to pretend to be Portuguese royalty, surveying our lands uninterrupted. Which, as far as I could see, consisted of a few trees and lots and lots of pea soup.

Worth it.