It's nippy out there

It's been getting noticeably frostier here in London over the past few days, and today for the first time, as I stepped out of my flat on the way to work, I actually shivered. 

I should have brought gloves, I thought to myself, shoving my hands deep into my coat pockets, and hunching my shoulders against the cool air around me.

... And then, naturally, I immediately took off my coat and seized the opportunity to do my Instagram yoga pose of the day (pictured: Plank pose! One of my favorites!) Side note: It's been great having my boyfriend in town to take these pictures for me the past few days, rather than the usual fuzzy selfies in my living room.

But the point is, even in the cold air, shivering for a few moments without so much as a jacket, this was still a nice moment. The sun was - unusually, I'll grant you - brightly shining all day today, and sometimes you just have to take those moments when you can get them, enjoying a brisk walk in brisk conditions. It's only going to get colder over the next few months (and darker, too, sob), so why not take the time whenever we can to look up at the blue sky, give a little wink and a nod, and - again, why not - strip our coats off for spontaneous yoga-ing (or vogue-ing. Or whatever floats your boat.)

It was a nice chilly walk to work this morning, and that's a little something worth taking away from today.

...Even if gloves would have been nice.