Missing shoe stores

I've been on the hunt for a pair of low-heeled black ankle boots for quite some time now. I'm not actually much of a shopper these days, but this was on my bucket list: a simple pair that I could wear with most things, that would look nice, but that I could still walk around in.

A colleague of mine bought a great pair a few weeks ago that I've been salivating over, at a Parisian shoe store called Minelli, which doesn't exist in London, where I live.

But today I just so happened to be in Paris! Within spitting distance of trying on and perhaps even purchasing an equally-beautiful pair of perfect black boots! So after I wrapped up today's meetings, I punched in the name of the store to Google Maps. It gave me a couple of locations in downtown Paris. I was semi-short on time because of my Eurostar train back to London tonight, so I - obviously - picked the closest one, and walked about 25 minutes to get there, somehow repeatedly getting lost on the way.

Yeah, it wasn't there. In its place, I found ... an eyewear shop. A fancy eyewear shop, I'll grant you. But nevertheless a shop targeting pretty much the opposite part of the body from what I was looking for (I mean, fine, it could have been a hat store. But other than that...)

Figures, I grumbled to myself, thinking how I didn't have time to go to one of the other Minelli stores, and I'd just have to keep looking. 

So I started making my way back towards last night's hotel to pick up the suitcase I'd left, before heading to Gare du Nord to catch my train. 

It took me about another half hour to get there. And literally two minutes from the hotel, I stumbled onto ... a shoe shop. Which had some nice-looking boots in the window. Checking the time, I thought, "why the Hell not?", stepped in, and emerged a few minutes later holding my brand new pair.

So you see, I walked all over downtown Paris looking for a nonexistent shoe shop when there was a perfectly good one right around the corner from the hotel I'd been at all along. 

But hey - at least I got in a nice walk around the streets of Paris. In old shoes and new.