Train Goes Very (fast)

I'm back in Paris for business meetings tomorrow, and in traveling here from Geneva I arrived by taking one of the world's fastest trains: the TGV.

Or "Train à Grande Vitesse," meaning, "Train of Great Speed." Train go fast, in other words, and this proved especially true when I made the mistake of standing up at one point and feeling the world shift below my feet a little more quickly than I was really comfortable with. Ooooh, immediate nausea! When they announced that the bar and restaurant coach was "awaiting my visit," I stayed right where I was, with my tush firmly planted in my seat.

On a brighter note, I haven't actually taken this train route in a couple of years, and had forgotten how lovely the scenery is. Yay, French hillsides! Yay, French cows casually munching French grass! Yay, incredibly blurry fields and mountains that we whizzed by at speeds approaching 350 miles per hour!

I love trains. And this one has a considerably better view than the Eurostar, plus the added bonus of not having a rigorous customs check or border crossing, thanks to Switzerland and France both being part of the Schengen Area (while the UK is not). What I'm saying is, I'd take it again.

Blurry scenery or no.