See you soon, Geneva

It's my last day in Geneva (well, at least until next month), and mostly, I'm just happy to have had a great couple of days showing off my hometown to my boyfriend.

Yes, I know. A schmaltzy post, yet again.

But hey, it's all about Happy Moments on here, and there were plenty to choose from this past week. From climbing up the towers of St. Peter's Cathedral, to taking a water taxi across the lake, to kissing in front of a stark white lighthouse, enjoying a very, very expensive bagel (welcome to Switzerland!), and of course, introducing him to my family, and to my friends, pretty much everything went swimmingly.

Yesterday, he even met my grandparents! Three generations in one week, and if he still likes me after that, I guess I can't be all bad, right? My Swiss-German grandfather spoke German to him (while my sister and I perplexedly stared at each other), and my grandmother had one of her better days in recent memory, actually seeming to have some idea of who we were (my boyfriend, though? Not so much. She waved him off with a, "au revoir, Monsieur!")

It's amazing sometimes the contrast between how I feel in moments like those - happy and peaceful - and moments where I'm at work or doing things that feel totally meaningless. In some ways one necessitates the other (I need money to spend on vacations, for example), but in other ways it opens up the broader question of, just what AM I doing with my life?

When I started this blog, I hoped that 2016 would be the year I figured that out, and while I'm not so sure it's going to hold the answers I'd hoped for ... perhaps it's still a pretty good step forward to even be thinking along these lines.

Let's see. Work in progress. Until then, merci Genève.