I'd make a great man

My sister, my boyfriend, and I went to the gorgeous Swiss towns of Gruyères and Montreux earlier today, and while the day itself was simply smashing, one of the true highlights was the time Dania and I spent impersonating cardboard cutouts. 

It happened twice, and both times I played the man. First, I was hanging out of a limo wearing a flashy watch, and then I was a stereotypically Swiss man in a straight-up cheese-making uniform, with a castle in the background. Yes, because I'm a generous and caring big sister, I let my little sister be the girl both times. She is SO lucky.

We had so much fun sticking our faces through those holes, even filming little videos for our niece Ellie's birthday today. It's just one of those random things you stumble onto sometimes, whether it's by the side of a lake on the Swiss riviera, or outside a Swiss cheese factory, or wherever you are - sometimes, you just gotta have a little fun.

I'm exhausted and sleepy right now, and looking forward to a good night's sleep, but so grateful to be taking some fun moments with me into Dreamland.

Including my double male impersonation. All in a good day's work.