Meeting over pad thai

It's day 3 of a new world, and while I'm still in shock and still sad, I want to move on to actual happier topics.

Like how last night I got to introduce my new boyfriend to my Dad for the first time. We met and chatted over yummy Thai food, sipped a lovely local Pinot Noir from Geneva, and ran between the many, many raindrops after leaving the restaurant.

And it went super well! We all laughed and had great conversation throughout the evening, even when my Dad found it absolutely necessary to share the no-doubt-adorable anecdote of how when I was two years old I was obsessed with playing "drown the ducky!" in the bathtub, and he would have to "save the poor ducky!" and then I would do it all over again, dozens of times in a row, laughing hysterically. (I was apparently obsessed with duck murder as a toddler. In retrospect, it's lucky I didn't end up as a firestarter. Or worse.)

At one point, when my boyfriend excused himself from the table for a few moments, I turned to my Dad to take advantage of his absence.

"He's nice, right?" I asked excitedly.

"No!" My Dad answered. "He's great!" I'm not actually sure who was more excited.

I'm not sure the evening could have gone any better. So that's pretty dang cool.

Oh, and the pad thai was delicious. ;-)