Sad, unpopular Halloween

Last night my boyfriend and I had a healthy dinner at home. I made a delicious (if I do say so myself!) guacamole, and he made an equally-delicious salad.

We also had a big, BIG bag of Halloween candy with us, sitting nearby, which he'd brought over just in case anyone rang the doorbell to trick or treat.

Nobody did. And that's not entirely surprising, given that I live in an apartment building, and not in the most residential of locations, either, but still! Popular I was not. And there ARE children living in building, but not a one came by. Not even a pity knock! 

(This actually contrasts sharply with one Halloween a few years ago, when children DID ring my doorbell unexpectedly and I had NOTHING to give them. NOTHING. No candy. No dollar bills. No trinkets or food of any kind. I felt like the worst person ever, turning away empty-handed children on a holiday like that. Oh, the guilt.)

Anyway, last night, we didn't talk about it. We had our nice, healthy little candlelit dinner, we cleaned up (oh all right, HE cleaned up, while I snoozed on the sofa). And then we both sat on that sofa and dug into the candy ourselves. 

So. Much. Halloween. Candy.

Two adults on Halloween. And no costume necessary.