I'm with Her.

It was a two-day process, but I'm proud to say that today I voted in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. 

It's a slightly convoluted process when you live outside the U.S., as it turns out, involving county clerks and the killing of a few small trees, what with all the pages you end up having to print and then immediately scan right back into an online system.

But it's done. And it's worth it. Because while I don't actually believe that MY one, individual vote is going to swing anything one way or the other, I do believe in a few things:

  • I believe that those of us who are lucky enough to GET a vote should USE that vote.
  • I believe that whoever becomes The President of the United States and is thereby granted - literally - the power to destroy the world, should in some way be qualified for that unbelievably crushing amount of responsibility. (And also not have a short fuse, such that picking 3am Twitter fights and saying certain women "deserve" to be called "slobs," "fat pigs," and more is more important to them than showing any sort of actual interest in, say, foreign policy.)
  •  I believe that every one of us who gets a vote and who is somehow able to tell the difference between:
    • 1) a mature, politically experienced, and respectfully-prepared individual, and;
    • 2) an unstable, insulting, belittling racist who has never given any indication of respecting the office or the people it serves, who cannot go 3 minutes and 15 seconds without lying, who appropriates self-congratulations on everything from his also-lying VP pick's calm debate performance to a nightclub massacre where 50 people died ...

... should do something about it, even if that's just spending a frustrating hour or two trying to figure out the ballot system.

I do not believe that Hilary Clinton is perfect. I believe that she is flawed and has made mistakes, just like any driven, intelligent, accomplished person her age. I get that a lot of Americans don't like either choice that sits in front of us, but the fact remains that - like it or not - these are the two choices we do have.

I am capable of telling the difference between these two people, and I believe that Love should always, always trump hate.

I'm with Her.