18 magazines and a whole lot of yoga

I've mentioned before that I live a stone's throw from a charity shop, which happens to have a freebie table out front with stuff you can basically just grab 'n go for free. It's usually old books that no one wants, but - as luck would have it - as I walked by late this afternoon, I noticed quite a few yoga magazines.

... 18, to be exact. Inexplicably dating all the way back to February 2008.

Still, I figured, yoga never really goes out of style, does it? It's not like most of these concepts aren't still useful for a fledgling yoga teacher like myself to be educating herself about!

And so I grabbed the lot. Om Yoga & Lifestyle magazine. Yoga Journal magazine. Yoga & Health magazine (which appears to no longer exist). Yoga+ Joyful Living magazine (ditto). And of course, the aptly-named Yoga Magazine.

And I'm honestly kind of super excited about this, because I desperately want to keep learning and sharing and teaching this stuff. There's just so much it touches on! Consider some of the headlines:

"The Best in Luxury Ethical Fashion"
"Is Eating Organic Important?"
"7 Tools for Welcoming Change"
"The Blissful Brain: Meditation on Trial"
"6 Natural Tips for Better Sleep"
"Find Happiness in Truth: Don't Mistake Perceptions for Reality"

And none of those even mentions what we traditionally think of as "yoga," or bending our bodies into pretzel shapes. This stuff is all just so cool!

I'm particularly excited on a personal level as well, because a number of these magazines have articles on partner yoga. I've never personally tried it before, but as I'm trying to gently nudge my boyfriend towards one day taking a couples class with me, I figure every little bit I can do to educate myself on the matter may help! 

"It's double the fun!" I'll tell him. "Look! It says so right here on page 47!" I actually tried to find us a couples yoga class the last time he was in London, only to discover - shockingly, I might add, given the size of the city - that none exists! None! Not one! 

 As I told him .... I think I've found a gap in the market.

And that's why I need to keep educating myself. Starting with these 18 magazines.