October, Oct-over

It's the end of October, and honestly, my reaction to that is: AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

It's not supposed to be the end of October yet! I haven't done the things I wanted to! There's not enough time left? This is scaaaaary! (Which, it's just occurred to me, is rather à propos on Halloween day!)

So....what do you DO when you're scared and there's lots left you want to achieve and you feel like not enough time to do it? Do you give up, or do you press forward and see what you can achieve before the year is through? And THAT, my friends, is what this whole blogging experiment was kind of about: seeing what I'm made of! Plum pudding? Or IRON?

So maybe it's just time to put on my big girl pants and grow up. November also means my birthday is almost upon me, and along with that my next trip around the sun. And - hopefully - that another great year will be beginning.

So bye bye October, you weren't quite everything I'd hoped for, but nevertheless I'm taking a lot away from you:

- 305 straight days of blogging (61 to go!)
- 246/305 days of meditation (had a pretty good October here, actually - love having this as part of my daily habits)
- I had a gorgeous day in Paris, made my fourth trip of the year home to Geneva, and hopped on over to Dublin for the third time in 2016 (albeit first time wearing a leprechaun beard!)
- I had some truly great yoga-related moments this month: Took my first-ever workshop, met one of my yoga idols (Yoga with Adriene!), attended the OM Yoga Show, completed my first yoga challenge, and had an amazing Qi energy healing.
- I got my first fan!!!
- I voted. Hell. Yeah. #I'mwithHer
- Professionally-speaking, I changed my LinkedIn picture (hey, celebrate the small accomplishments!) and auditioned for a coaching academy.

Favorite moment of the month: Oooh, another month where it's super tough to choose! Torn between attending the yoga show, and just feeling really energized by my audition.

Quote of the month: "It is better to follow your own path imperfectly than to follow another's perfectly." ~The Bhagavad Gita

Goal for next month: Well, remember how there used to be 100 days to go in the year and I had goals for them? Yeah, there are now 61 days to go in the year. Just sayin'.

Ohhh, it is so time for change. So thanks for everything, October. So much to get excited about in November, as the year continues to near its end. I think there's room for a little more.