Skeleton, I salute you

My boyfriend and I were walking along the London canals earlier today, heading to brunch on a gray Sunday, the night after most of London had enjoyed a Halloween celebration of some form or another (Halloween landing on a Monday this year).

Suddenly - "woah!" I exclaimed! "That is a skeleton, hanging off a bridge!" It was legitimately a little bit spooky. It even had blood smeared around its mouth - it was a vampire skeleton! 

And then the nerd in me started wondering who had strung this skeleton up in the first place. One of the houseboat dwellers who lives on the canals? A random passerby? A drunk partygoer from the night before? The local Islington borough city council?

In any case, we paused just long enough for me to strike some sort of smug pose as I pointed up at Skeletor in a, "I-have-a-pulse-and-you-don't" type of way. And then we walked on, to brunch and beyond.

And the skeleton just hung there, smiling.