My fuzzy audition

I recently decided to apply for a coaching academy in order to learn to be a corporate coach. *Gulp.* I know that's a little random. But I really do love teaching. I love psychology. I love helping people. And you never move forward without trying different things once in a while. So I'm giving it a go!

The application required me to film a 15-minute presentation with an audience of at least four people. I initially panicked: But what if I can't find four people! What if they're busy! I have nowhere to film! I don't have a good camera!

Ah yes, that pesky excuses monster, rearing its ugly head!

Anyway, today, I drop-kicked that monster in the FACE by filming my audition tape. No camera, no problem! Used my laptop. No location, no problem! One of my friends kindly offered up her living room. No people, no problem! A couple of text messages asking around was all it took because I have awesome, helpful, generous friends who want to help me pursue what makes me happy (she said with a lucky, lucky sense of gratitude.)

Did I do everything perfectly and remember every clever joke and story during the taping? Well, no. But I did my best. And my laptop camera fuzzily captured every little bit of it. When I closed the presentation at almost exactly 15 minutes (hurray for time keeping, if nothing else!), my friends burst into applause, because they're dramatic like that.

"It shows that you love this," one of them said, and she was right!

So now I play the waiting game, and let's see if I'll get lucky again.